Idiomatic Creativity - Appendix



Langlotz, Andreas (2006). Idiomatic Creativity: A cognitive-linguistic model of idiom-representation and idiom-variation in English [HUMAN COGNITIVE PROCESSING 17]. Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins.



This is the electronic appendix to Idiomatic Creativity. There are five individual appendices that can be opened and downloaded as PDF-files. All references to publications and databases are listed in the book. Should you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.


Appendix A: Subtypes of idiomatic activation-sets

Appendix B: Idiom-variation principles

Appendix C: List of SPF-idioms

Appendix D: The conceptual motivation of SPF-idioms

Appendix E: Analysis of lexicogrammatical variants of SPF-idioms